Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Video Blog

I have made a new youtube channel so that I can share my ideas, techniques, equipment, thoughts, behind scenes, shoots - styling - makeup & hair etc.
as well as having the youtube channel I will be uploading them onto here. I think it is good to have videos to keep a diary of events to and look back on them for reference. I will be filming hopefully main things on my 5d mk 2 so apparently that will be in higher quality. Will try it out soon and hope for the best. :)

Monday, 25 July 2011

Test shoot

I have a test shoot this Sunday and scanning through last ideas - I love Tim Walkers work and always find him to be an inspiration! I love his contrasts and over exaggerated themes, fairytale-esque scenes being light hearted or dark I aspire to put together great ideas like him.
I would love a props person like his, so many ideas its just affording to put it all together!

I hopefully will be working with a few lovely fashion design graduates from Salford in the next couple of months in photo shoots and look forward to doing so!