Monday, 31 May 2010

Cyprus and freelance work

In just over a week I am off to Cyprus to photograph a lovely wedding with John Taylor. Looking forward to the break and snapping some images at the beach/ yacht venue. Also I will be taking some time out for any extra photo opportunities whilst in the area. Also got a whole list of photo ideas now to roll out this summer.
Also the talented Craig Young is currently in the top 3 to win the Dorito's king of ad's competition. Please vote for him with all your email addys, every vote counts it takes seconds to do and is free, you can enter every day - it's a life changing prize and your votes will be much appreciated!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ideas to explore

I have a massive amount of ideas flying around in my head that I want to knuckle down too, some inspired by spring although by the time these are planned properly it may well be that I shoot these next year depending if I get lucky with timing now or not.

Something about elements inspire me, I have a range of beauty shots I want to try out. Also I have future collaborations with designers I am excited to get started on.

Recently I have become quite interested in spirituality the faith and science behind the word spiritual. Quantum Physics and different dimensions and a more faith based approach on other worlds and spirit/afterlife. Actually its been an interest I've had my whole life that has merely strengthened. It started as fear- switching to curiosity of the unknown, I would really love too base a project on this and entwine fashion or even high fashion within the mix.

Along with this I have ideas to link in with my personality and fashion again based again on the mysterious side of life looking at horoscope's but based more on the cusps.

I have been thinking of exhibition display ideas and ways in which could show a mixture of both personal and fashion and ways in which to approach this.

Hopefully I will be able to undergo these works soon as well as carrying on with my scrapbook project.