Thursday, 30 July 2009

Shoot inspired by Lady Gaga

Model, Mua, Styling - Katie Ness Asissting Lee Dillon

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Self Portraits

I tried some self portraits of myself with a different style. I'm looking too be shooting this next week with Katie Ness. Rhianna inspired me with this shoot, lately more androgynous fiery, high fashion photography is appealing to me and I want to try quirky things. I am also looking to upgrade equipment and start shooting fashion with a short depth of field as I am really drawn to this style.

Also I am going to be putting a shoot together based in water, this is me experimenting. The plans of this shoot are still in process.
It is a plan of an image in which will be part of a set, (for a project on my fears) I look forward to starting this soon and may have this project in conjunction with a fashion element.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Yesterday I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a bachelor of arts with honours in photography (BA Hons) the ceremony took place at The Guild Hall in Preston.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Change in issue, Practical Photography + further work

My work for Practical has now been moved to the October issue. I have also been offered further work with the magazine to show how I put my work together for a forthcoming magazine.

I have been to Australia and Dubai for a month and got back on the 9th July. I have taken lots of background photographs and I am quite excited to put some works together, I have finished university and passed with an upper second BA Hons and graduate this Friday the 17th.

Australia was a great break and Dubai was lovely too just very hot reaching 45 degrees but it was great too see the difference in cultures and the difference in places in comparison with one another and England. I got to have some great experiences, swimming with dolphins in the wild, holding a koala, seeing waterfalls and a natural bridge, eating at an outback oz cafe, feeding kangaroos, having a hot drink at a bar made entirely of ice and much more. Ready to get back into my photography so I will be uploading some new projects hopefully soon.

I also enjoyed the preview night of the final yr exhibition at London's Truman Brewery before we went away to Oz. Lots of people came down and I enjoyed seeing the end results, the hard work paid off as there was quite a bit of interest in the show.

stand with more work on and work on loop on TV screen