Saturday, 28 February 2009

shoots and scouting

Recent Shoot with Katie Ness, Bellydancer - Vail Spinning

I also found some interesting locations so I shot these on my mobile as I was at the time without my camera.

Beacon Fell and Rivington. I am also planning a shoot with model: Sophia, Makeup artist Colette and possible hair stylist. This will take place in Gathurst along with a horse maybe even a pony too but this depends on the owner who I will be speaking too tomorrow.

Also I am excited to assist a shoot with High contrast in Manchester, the shoot is in Stockport on wed for an ice cream parlor. I have been in contact with photographer Andrew Farrington as well and may well be collaborating on a shoot with him or assisting. I will update you with more info and news at a later date.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Shoot with Joanne Mulcare

This shoot consisted of model: Joanne Mulcare and makeup artist Colette, Wardrobe from Topshop. Picture taken in studio. I am still editing this image but showing my work in progress so I will be uploading my finished version also. I am looking forward to making a whole series of work, I will update any new works on here. I have realised how much I love working with depth of field. I am looking to buy a new lens but for now I have fun playing around in photoshop. I will also be trying models on location soon and later work with layers on photoshop to enhance the magical feel. Colette and Joanne were great to work with and will be working with them again in future projects.

The background of this image is nearby Southport in the north west. The small tornado in the background was actually there as it was quite a stormy day were multiple tornado's came and went some touching the floor and whipping up loose debris. Quite fascinating to watch, the first storm chase I have done which is especially rare in the UK.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Starting my final year uni project

My proposal for this open project was basically to look at fairytale/dream like imagery again in combination with fashion. I want to use photoshop and create these unusual worlds with different characters. Again the characters will be a reflection of myself, re-exploring my childhood in new light and my identity. My first shoot for this will be on wed 18th Feb with makeup help from Colette, I will be shooting this in studio and replacing the background with some magical looking landscapes. I have found 2 interesting sites, The first at Beacon Fell because of the tall trees and woodland area and another place near me in Gathurst at a place called Inglewood, their garden backs onto the woods and they have tree houses TP's and fairy lights in the trees so quite unusual which would work if they allow me to take photographs there, I will be asking next month. I have also been out taking pictures with my medium format camera of the snow when it came to the north west briefly. I though a snow scene again might looks quite magical but also slightly baron. Here are some location shot examples nearby where I live:

I will upload more pictures soon

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New website layout and current exhibition

My fiance John Taylor has edited my website to display my genre of work better than before. Take a look at John is also a photographer his website is he works on urban images, abandond places and also 360 virtual tours. My website is currently displaying new and old pictures, placed together in sets. Also there is a page listing my publications and exhibitions.
I currently have work up on exhibition in the Victoria building at UCLan 2nd floor. This project was about body forms so I decided to make a self portrait using my jester mask to show- some people are secretive and act a joker to brave the world and society. In some ways we can all relate to this...