Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Over the weekend I collaborated with Grace from Boss models and Faye Aydin makeup artist.
Nic Cole styled the shoot and John assisted, everyone was great in the freezing cold conditions!

We went up to Beacon Fell Country Park as the trees are beautiful and magical. I was going for a whimsical feel so this was perfect but in January can be pretty harsh.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Creative shoots

I am itching to get out and just snap away and arrange shoots, I feel I need to start taking some days off holiday just to do personal project photo shoots to give myself time! Or start shooting in the evening but that's more of a summer thing when its lighter for longer. For now its weekends one shoot at a time - so many ideas I have and people I want to collaborate with! :)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lancashire Magazine

I am now blogging for Lancashire Magazine, here I will be talking about fashion trends, fashion in general and posting my photography. You can find the link below:


Monday, 2 January 2012

Fashion & makeup

Today I am wearing a cute jumper john got me for my birthday and spotted tights, cosy.

Loving these makeup products at the moment. I have been using Yves st Laurent light reflector for about 6-7 yrs and it works well for me. Also wearing the sparkle gold bourgeois, I have this in the bronze also and it applies nicely and mostly stays on for the day. I have also been wearing the Avon super shock for 2-3yrs same as the Dolce& Gabbana light blue. The only things I need to change really is the colour of my foundation due to me looking to pale hehe! Though the Max Factor Miracle Touch apples nice and even with the pad provided. I could do with some new blush at the moment.

I love to wear the Christian Dior lipstick to in dark rouge colour, again it applies really nice. It does not last the day so needs topping up though it does leave a nice natural tint to the lips when it wears off.