Saturday, 31 January 2009

Extended selection

While planning more shoots I have been editing my existing images and selecting new pictures to use for my portfolio.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Models Faye and Joanna

Joanna Bower top images, Faye Bell second images. These are some of the pictures I have been playing around with recently. I am planning to shoot more fairytale images in February with Joanna Mulcare, I have also had 7 models interested in a new project I have in mind for my final uni project.. this should be displayed in both Preston and London in exhibition so I am looking forward to that and itching to start.

Friday, 23 January 2009

More Oxfam Vintage shooting

This shoot is carrying on with the Oxfam Vintage Client brief. I have really enjoyed this side of working and will be carrying on as a final project, cant wait to put that together. The model in this image is Joanna Bower and mua by Colette. I really like the light and airy look to these images but will be trying new things very soon!

I handed in the client project today, I have good feedback from the client just waiting on uni results now as this piece is classed as 40% of my module, updates coming soon.

Monday, 19 January 2009

The puppet Twins

Here is one of my latest images 'puppet twins' with help from model louise and mua me and katie ness, clothing Oxfam Vintage, editing Jaz Harold. Made for Oxfam Vintage as a client brief for uni.

The overall theme again being about myself, looking back at the past and people in my life who have prevented me from being myself, the box behind the puppets represents my goals and aims in life I want to reach but obstacle's are blocking the path. I chose to use puppets as the obstacle to represent the robots to society who do anything to fit in, acting like puppets, strung along to keep up with the majority of society.

Monday, 5 January 2009

My other world

Im working on new ideas and currently working towards the second part to my client project. I am always experimenting so here is an example, new piece I took today, self portrait-

New Ideas

I am currently working on a client brief for a university project. I go to the university of central lancashire, now in my third year. I am working on two projects, one being fashion photography for Oxfam Vintage in Preston and another to submit to a magazine I have been working on. These pieces will also be submited to PAD gallery in Preston. I have work being exhibited in Victoria Building at university this will be in a couple weeks time.

The magazine I have been working on is to show the local creative talents, new/ up and coming artists. The magazine is for the open minded and creative thinker. Each artist will have there own section in which they will show a personal project and write a little about it. Almost like a little exhibition of work we can look through whenever we like to inspire us, relate with us. This would be a perfect coffee table magazine or something in which people can keep, collect etc.

Currently I am editing work, mostly the fairytale stories for Oxfam Vintage to advertise their clothing. The theme is a cross between Alice in Wonderland, Pan's Labrynth and Pandoras Box. It has charactors in which is steriotypical to fairytales but personal to me, a project about myself finding out who I am and what I am about, obsticals that have once held me back in the past and overcoming those..