Monday, 29 August 2011

Creamfields 2011

Got back from creamfields last night - shattered, so glad its a bank holiday monday. :D

Lots of mud but it was lots of fun. We watched:
Katy B
Magnetic man
Calvin harris
Benny Benassi
Chemical brothers
Josh Wink
David Guetta

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Phil Scott

This weekend I went to London with John to assist Phil Scott photographer shooting Made in Chelsea Amber- The stylist created some amazing head pieces which Amber modelled. Hoxton street studios Blossom studio 3 we were in and it was nice- enjoyed the day it was interesting. Especially when the film crew came with another cast member it was interesting to see how it all went together and worked out/ direction etc. be great to watch back in sept. The hair and makeup worked well to- I think the team did a really good job. Look forward to seeing the results.

There was also a drama being filmed across the street called call the midwife for ITV based around 1950's style it was great watching them all acting and dressed as there characters.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tim Walker

Tim Walker my photographer choice for inspiration.

Tim Walkers work has been an inspiration from the word go. From the contrasts and amazing props to the techniques and stunning vision. This image in itself shows the simple forms of contrast in shapes and it works beautifully.

I recently bought Pictures off my friend and just a quick flick through puts so many creative ideas into my head to shoot.

This image is a contrast of a different kind keeping in with grandeur of the image but contrasting man made mansion with nature - fairytale white horse indoors. Placing the two things together isn't something of reality more the unnatural and obscure and that's what makes us stop and look.

He likes to push things that little further, I love that. When I was choosing which Tim Walker images to put on here I found it hard to decide as each one pops out at me for different reasons.

I can relate to his work as they are playful, dreamy and unusual a little like myself!
If I dig right into my reasons for him being the main inspiration to me it would be these fairytale-esque images are escapism, maybe like going to sleep. Dreaming of all the things you can do - (As they are so contrasting like something you might only dream about) nothing is quite so serious or matters as much. All becomes available when you look at his work, its like a window with a view into this fantasy world, looking away from life's issues.

Like being a child again were the obscure makes sense and anything is possible - this is the world I want to live in. I want to create another window into my own dreams and childlike thoughts to show the world doesn't have to be so black and white.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Secret Garden

Since I was little I have always enjoyed the more whimsical stories - just lately it was Avatar and Harry Potter (still get mocked for this.) When I was a child loved Marry Poppins and The Secret Garden. The later came on today and reminded me of the magical feeling I used to get as a child when you find something new and fantasy like- You want to return to these places when life gets harsh or full of issues. Love shooting these type of scenes in particular full of whimsical/ dreamy places and looks. I hope to do more of these before the summer ends!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Behind scenes - Miller Park shoot

Rachael shoot

I did a test shoot with Rachael Gibson and mua Sian Louise Auld from So Coco Rouge. Nic Cole styled, John Taylor assisting. We went to Miller Park in Preston to shoot this and the weather seemed spot on for the look we were going for.

We used a reflector on most part of the shoot for the natural look instead of flash but this image was taken solely with natural light using a shallow depth of field around 3.2. Might use more natural light for outdoor shoots - love the soft look.

Diana F+ camera with instant back.

As the scenery was quite tropical I also went for a bright/ sunny abroad look and enjoyed working with the more bleached look on some shots.~