Friday, 30 November 2012

Behind scenes Eden shoot

Some behind the scenes photos from the shoot on Sunday with Eden model & Kelly O makeup & hair & John C Taylor assisting.

We focused on knitwear and simple locations. We were working on top of the car park in Preston using the simple backdrops of blank walls and concrete textures. Also the open space of Preston city landscape as a backdrop.

As can be seen from the floor it had just been heavily raining with grey skies so we started indoors but it soon brightened up and was lovely within half an hour. It was freezing and the team did really well even in the cold conditions, I love the shots I got from the shoot.

We did a couple different looks to vary the shots and they both worked well, it took half a day which was good time management. 

Look forward to working with everyone again on another collaboration.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Eden shoot

Here are a few of the various shots from the shoot on sunday 25th
We went to a car park and also a park & cafe to get a couple different looks.
Eden Nemesis models was lovely to work with as was Kelly O makeup & hair.
John assisted. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Preston shoot

On sunday we will be working on a shoot in Preston with Nemesis model Eden and Kelly O makeup artist.
Hoping for dry weather but most likely will be rain - thinking up ideas and use of props for this type of shoot. The location will be in a car park so lots of minimal looking spots. 
Looking forward to shooting it seems like a while since testing now. 
I am only taking very specific tests due to starting a project involving more set ups which I am also looking forward to. :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Last saturday I went location scouting at Haigh Hall. Looking for the setting that would be my first shoot for the project, this hall is lovely with the full length windows. 
Looking forward to making props and seeing the props made by Natalie Armin.

I took my Diana camera to take shots - I will be starting a book for the project so I will be using the polaroids to make a scrap book and starting with all the research. 
I look forward to unfolding the project idea and the creating the shoots to come.