Monday, 5 January 2009

New Ideas

I am currently working on a client brief for a university project. I go to the university of central lancashire, now in my third year. I am working on two projects, one being fashion photography for Oxfam Vintage in Preston and another to submit to a magazine I have been working on. These pieces will also be submited to PAD gallery in Preston. I have work being exhibited in Victoria Building at university this will be in a couple weeks time.

The magazine I have been working on is to show the local creative talents, new/ up and coming artists. The magazine is for the open minded and creative thinker. Each artist will have there own section in which they will show a personal project and write a little about it. Almost like a little exhibition of work we can look through whenever we like to inspire us, relate with us. This would be a perfect coffee table magazine or something in which people can keep, collect etc.

Currently I am editing work, mostly the fairytale stories for Oxfam Vintage to advertise their clothing. The theme is a cross between Alice in Wonderland, Pan's Labrynth and Pandoras Box. It has charactors in which is steriotypical to fairytales but personal to me, a project about myself finding out who I am and what I am about, obsticals that have once held me back in the past and overcoming those..

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