Thursday, 10 September 2009

Old Photos

I decided to post some older photos I found on the computer, taken with my mobile phone.
Work waiting to be put up in the Preston exhibition
The fourth image was displayed in 140 Coffee Preston

My photographs showing mixed emotions and hidden identity, these were shown at UCLan in the Victoria building along with others, 'Familiar Dorms Curated by Amy Ferguson'

These photos were made for a project at uni, these are victorian portraits turned into surreal, strange looking dream scenarios using photoshop and many other photographs almost as a digital collage. These two pieces both sold at the Harris Museum open exhibition.

This is a mixed media piece I put together for a uni project, a mix off photographs of people, dolls and animals taken by myself and the parts off the Internet,Watercolour Paint, Acrylic Paint, Textured paper, Tissue paper & Pen. This piece was part of a fairytale exploration.. it was made too look like a collage by leaving objects outlined and by having bits of paper and paint in obscure places.

Behind the scenes photos from a day in the studio with High Contrast shooting an advertisement for Federicis Ice cream

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