Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Upcoming photoshoots

Myself and Nicola Cole have been planning photo shoots, we are in the process of putting these together the first one is taking place Dec 13th at the Cocktail Factory in Preston, we are going for a classic theme. I recently went too a sample sale at my works in which I managed too pick up a few props for future shoots - looking forward too them.

I have also been putting a scrapbook of ideas almost like an art journal together since 2008 and when completed I will be displaying this along side the works in which was produced according too the ideas and inspiration noted down within a book I will be making.. with this I am also hoping too be putting an exhibition together - books will be for sale as well as the photographic prints and mounted work.

I already have a small book produced in which I made for my last show in London with my painterly photographs displayed within this called 'inverted reflections' I aim too carry this on and extend it - this book is also available too buy.

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