Friday, 25 June 2010

Marc Jacobs

Above pic taken with hipstamatic filter cam on Iphone, love the colours produced by this app

I recently got a new Marc Jacobs bag which I love - it also inspired me to think about editorial beauty shots with product such as bags, Close ups. I would like to try this out sometime this year. As I have had so many ideas and so little time since going freelance I have not had enough time to get my ideas through the camera lens onto an image! If all goes well I should be doing a couple of shoots in the next couple of months more on the conceptual side. Looking forward to up and coming shoots and collaborations.


  1. lucky you. this bag is just too striking and gorgeous.

  2. Thank you, hope I can get to use it in a shoot that would be nice :)

  3. love the bag, and love the captured purple...