Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Italy Holiday

Back from Italy, lake Como - we stayed in Cadenabbia, enjoyed the holiday and chill out time & scenery - I have taken some snaps but also photos in ready to montage together with fashion photography. The weather was great for April mid and high 20 degrees all week.

Had a beautiful balcony overlooking lake and mountains and had a lovely scarf gift before I left waiting on the bed which was a nice touch. Did big walks over there which invlolved climbing up mountain sides but was rewarded with beautiful views. (Mountain at the back of me in the picture was one of them.) Milan was good to see the detailed cathedral (loved Reims cathedral too) and enjoyed the shopping experience. It was very busy and hot that day but it was good friday, which was another reason I didn't get to see the last supper which is a shame.


  1. It really was- perfect for a chill out holiday :)