Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Diana F+ Dreamer

My first picture came out well with the Diana F+ Dreamer camera, they come out credit card sized as a whole. I love watching the image develop. Only problem is the price of the film but is a good to use, I enjoy its toy like qualities so it lets in light leaks and makes pictures imperfect which is the look I am going for. I may also try out double exposure and just be experimental with the shoot. It also flips into use for 120 film to so I have ordered 5 packs Kodak Portra VC. I may use a couple in Johns Hassleblad camera and if I run out of film one in the Diana but my trusted digital will be taken to the studio to get shots.

Working in the Impact Photography studio again this Sunday and looking forward to working with miss Chloe Lloyd, Nic Cole, Robyn Turnbull & John C Taylor.

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