Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tim Walker

Tim Walker my photographer choice for inspiration.

Tim Walkers work has been an inspiration from the word go. From the contrasts and amazing props to the techniques and stunning vision. This image in itself shows the simple forms of contrast in shapes and it works beautifully.

I recently bought Pictures off my friend and just a quick flick through puts so many creative ideas into my head to shoot.

This image is a contrast of a different kind keeping in with grandeur of the image but contrasting man made mansion with nature - fairytale white horse indoors. Placing the two things together isn't something of reality more the unnatural and obscure and that's what makes us stop and look.

He likes to push things that little further, I love that. When I was choosing which Tim Walker images to put on here I found it hard to decide as each one pops out at me for different reasons.

I can relate to his work as they are playful, dreamy and unusual a little like myself!
If I dig right into my reasons for him being the main inspiration to me it would be these fairytale-esque images are escapism, maybe like going to sleep. Dreaming of all the things you can do - (As they are so contrasting like something you might only dream about) nothing is quite so serious or matters as much. All becomes available when you look at his work, its like a window with a view into this fantasy world, looking away from life's issues.

Like being a child again were the obscure makes sense and anything is possible - this is the world I want to live in. I want to create another window into my own dreams and childlike thoughts to show the world doesn't have to be so black and white.

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