Friday, 11 November 2011

Planning more shoots

I have lots I want to do from going to New York to having crazy props in my images. Looking forward to working with gorge models and magazines. Soon to be shooting for Lancashire life I have lots to sort out. I think most things will be starting after the new year in 2012 lots more ideas/ techniques and entry's into mags. This year has gone to fast can't believe today is the 11-11-11 already and still not done as many shoots as I would like. Due to weather or cancellations I have had a lot of shoots postponed or rescheduled and got slightly backlogged but soon free to shoot again. If any boutiques or creatives would like to get involved in anything just let me know I will be happy to collaborate. :)


  1. Oh you should definitely go to NY if you've never been! I'm jealous!

  2. I have never been would love to see the place loads of people recommend it :)