Monday, 6 April 2009

Shoot at Inglewood

I did this shoot today, the first shoot for my final project, focusing on the childhood, fairytale feel I have mentioned before. With help from Amanda Davis who modeled for me and my parents who got all props ready for when I got there. The location was at Inglewood in Gathurst in which is a healing, massage place they do many great pampering packages. check out their website at It was a mad rush to have everything ready in time today before it rained, I used the Canon 5D camera with this shoot as I want large prints for my exhibition. The lighting was all natural, although I considered the ring flash but I left it to be natural... this turned out quite well. The shoot was enjoyable especially as we could enjoy the cake prop afterwards... tasty! I love this place and wish I could just live there as the owner has made the place look magical. Hopefully I can do another shoot here at another point as it suits my personal photographic style.

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