Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Further Ideas on Final Project

This image was a test within my final project, although I will most likely be changing the location. My images have an illustrated style because of the use of textures, layers and colours in photoshop, with influence from tarot cards I will be focusing on childhood outlook on old locations in which I will look back on.

My work will be in exhibition in Preston Media Factory building on Cold Bath st on 12th June this year along with other fellow 3rd yr photographers. We are all waiting on reply to see if we will also be exhibiting in London Brick Lane, the Trueman Brewery in the boiler house this will also be from the 12th officially for 5 days. My images will be large scale between A1 and A0, I am still looking around at different types of image presentation.

My work will be focusing on natural and man made as a mixture with present and past and the different personalities in which comes when surrounded in different scenarios/ atmospheres. Its is very much fairytale themed with a sense of dreams/ unrealistic point of view, bringing back the magical outlook on things as things once seemed when we were children. I am hoping to have the images finished as a whole in 2 weeks in which I will then update my feelings on the final images.

I have a photoshoot coming up for this project including collette doing makeup and modeling will be, Jonanna Bower, Sophia Skoutella and Janine Mccauley. My last shoot for this project included of Daniela Restaino doing makeup and modeling by Olivia Gauch and Rosin from Preston. I have the ideas now I just need to get everything together and wrap it all up within the next fortnight.

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