Friday, 20 February 2009

Shoot with Joanne Mulcare

This shoot consisted of model: Joanne Mulcare and makeup artist Colette, Wardrobe from Topshop. Picture taken in studio. I am still editing this image but showing my work in progress so I will be uploading my finished version also. I am looking forward to making a whole series of work, I will update any new works on here. I have realised how much I love working with depth of field. I am looking to buy a new lens but for now I have fun playing around in photoshop. I will also be trying models on location soon and later work with layers on photoshop to enhance the magical feel. Colette and Joanne were great to work with and will be working with them again in future projects.

The background of this image is nearby Southport in the north west. The small tornado in the background was actually there as it was quite a stormy day were multiple tornado's came and went some touching the floor and whipping up loose debris. Quite fascinating to watch, the first storm chase I have done which is especially rare in the UK.

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