Saturday, 28 February 2009

shoots and scouting

Recent Shoot with Katie Ness, Bellydancer - Vail Spinning

I also found some interesting locations so I shot these on my mobile as I was at the time without my camera.

Beacon Fell and Rivington. I am also planning a shoot with model: Sophia, Makeup artist Colette and possible hair stylist. This will take place in Gathurst along with a horse maybe even a pony too but this depends on the owner who I will be speaking too tomorrow.

Also I am excited to assist a shoot with High contrast in Manchester, the shoot is in Stockport on wed for an ice cream parlor. I have been in contact with photographer Andrew Farrington as well and may well be collaborating on a shoot with him or assisting. I will update you with more info and news at a later date.

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